Rosaria stars the new Promotional Video of Genshin Impact

Rosaria stars the new Promotional Video of Genshin Impact

On the official website of the videogame developed by Mihoyo, Genshin Impact, a promotional video was published for the next new character of the franchise, Rosaria, "The Blessed Blessed". The character has the voice of Elizabeth Maxwell in the English version, and Ai Kakuma in the Japanese version. It should be noted that Rosaria will be available soon by a limited banner, from which more details are expected soon.

"Rosaria is a nun attached to the Church of Favonius of Mondstadt. Although she is a member of the clergy, people always consider it very different from the other sisters of her, such as Bárbara or Jilliana. By her aspect, she can see that she is a member of the church, but the behavior and way of talking about her do not show it at all. She revees less to the gods than any other common citizen of Mondstadt and never participates in the activities organized by the Church, "she says the description of her.

"Since it always acts against the rules, Rosaria has been sanctioned by the Church many times. However, this does not seem to care in the least. She never collaborates with her companions and very rarely attends celebrations with other citizens. The particular and mysterious Rosaria is like a cloud of smoke that disappears without a trace as soon as one is distracted for a moment. "

Rosaria stars the new Promotional Video of Genshin Impact 1617209297 Rosaria stars the new Promotional Video of Genshin Impact 1617209297

The official site also describes its talents:

  • [Normal attack] executes up to 5 consecutive blows with your spear.
  • [Loaded attack] Consumes a certain amount of endurance to throw forward and inflict harm to all the enemies that cross on their way.
  • [Impronunciable confession] Rosaria quickly moves up behind its target, nailing its spear and making a cut that inflicts cryo damage. It is not possible to get behind large enemies with this movement.
  • [Extremeization] This is the prayer ceremony directed exclusively by Rosaria. After pushing the enemies to her enemies with her weapon, she concentrates an extreme cold in her's frozen spear to hit the ground and inflict crane damage. While she is active, the freezing spear will intermittently emit an icy air that inflicts cryo damage to nearby enemies.

The free-to-play game developed and distributed by Mihoyo was released for iOS and Android devices, as well as for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows globally on September 28. The "Update 1.4: Encounter with wind flowers" is available since March 19 globally and the videogame achieved the first position in collection accumulated in the year 2020.

Synopsis of Genshin Impact

In a world called Teyvat, certain individuals chosen by the gods receive a "vision", magical gems that give their carriers the ability to control an element. The player begins as a traveler of unknown origin who is looking for a lost family, and can choose between a male or female traveler avatar. As you progress in the adventure, the player controls several other characters that the traveler is during his trip, each with unique personalities and skills, while they undertake missions to understand the truth behind the primordial gods of this world.

Source: official site

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