Saori Hayami, Yukino's voice, commented on his beginnings in the industry

Saori Hayami, Yukino's voice, commented on his beginnings in the industry

The Japanese Portal Yahoo! News Japan published an article by pointing out the participation of the Saori Hayami voice actress in a radio program issued last week. In the participation of it, a question was received from a teenager interested in speech performance but too scared by what this would entail. Thus, Hayami opened about it and commented on the beginnings of her in the industry and the little confidence she had in itself at that time.

Saori Hayami, Yukino's voice, commented on his beginnings in the industry

«The Saori Hayami voice actress appeared as a guest on the radio program" School of Lock! " of Tokyo FM on Wednesday, September 8. From the messages of the listeners, she answered the questions of the personality, the director Sakata, about why she wanted to become a voice actress and about her fears at that time. Hayami joined a voice acting agency in the second year of high school, and since then he has put voice to characters in popular works such as Shinobu Kochou at anime "Kimetsu No Yaiba", Yukino Yukinoshita in "Oregairu" and Yamato In "One Piece" ».

"A fifteen-year-old girl communicated to the program and commented as follows:" My dream is to be a voice actress. I did not see any anime, but I was hit by "Kimetsu No Yaiba" and I was moved by the idea that there is such a wonderful world out there, and that was when I decided to dedicate myself to it. But I do not have confidence in myself and I worry even more now that there are 300,000 people who want to be voice actors. But I do not want to give up, and although I can not become a voice actress, I want to work in the animation industry. What did Hayami-sensei decide to become a voice actress? "

"Hayami commented on his early income in the industry:" When I was in the upper elementary school courses, my parents saw movies with dubbing. When I saw them, I was surprised to see the foreign actors talking in Japanese. At first, I thought that people from abroad was practicing their Japanese and playing papers. But it is not like that, there is a person giving them a voice! I thought, "Do you really have a job like that? Interesting!"".

"Hayami continued:" There I met the work itself, and then I learned that the concept of "voice actor" existed. From there I saw a lot of anime and many movies. It was during this time when I started thinking that being a dubbing actress would be interesting, so I aimed at a training school in my first year of institute. "

"However, Hayami also commented on his fears when he began in the industry:" But I am the kind of person who is timid or lacks confidence, and I was very afraid to call the school of training. I opened a magazine with an announcement of a training school and left it on the table, and my parents found it (laughs). Tell me "Are you interested in this?" And then I said: "Well, yes ..." ».

Saori Hayami, Yukino's voice, commented on his beginnings in the industry

"He concluded by commenting on how the first steps are in the acting of voice:" So I started at the school of training, where every year there is a promotion exam, and it was then when they got in touch with me at my current agency. So I started working with them, but at first, as I was in high school, I said: "And now what do I do? I do not know what to do!". I had no idea how to start in professional voice acting. The voice actors who already had time there looked like teachers for me. "

"He continued his conclusion:" I changed my school when I was in the first year of institute, and it was then when I decided I wanted to do a career as a voice actress. But at the beginning I went to an integrated school from the kindergarten to high school, so basically I left all my friends at that institute. He had to start again in a new surroundings, away from the friends he had had a lifetime. I was afraid of not knowing what was waiting for me as a voice actress, I did not know if it would be stable. I was very concerned about going that road, so I understand what it is concerned. Do not worry! You are doing very well, just strive a little too in your studies! I'm on your side! "

Source: Yahoo! News Japan.

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