Some are concerned about possible censorship in the global launch of Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Some are concerned about possible censorship in the global launch of Princess Connect! Re: Dive

The Crunchyroll Games division previously announced a collaboration with popular smartphone game developer Cygames for a global launch of the game Princess Connect! Re: Dive, an effort that many say will result in incredible censorship if what happened with DanMachi: Memoria Freese is taken into consideration.

Some are concerned about possible censorship in the global launch of Princess Connect! Re: Dive

The title was released in Japan in 2018 and has been having releases across the Asian continent throughout the years 2019 and 2020. In fact, producers and localizers described their efforts to launch the game in the West, through a statement. official press:

“« We launched Crunchyroll Games two years ago and the addition of Princess Connect! Re: Dive symbolizes a real evolution for our portfolio of titles, "said Terry Li, 360 Director and General Manager, Games at Crunchyroll. «Our community already loves the animated adaptation and we are excited to bring this title to anime fans around the world who have been waiting patiently outside of Asia» Princess Connect! Re: Dive features fast gameplay and quality animations. Players will travel to the land of Astraea with a group of heroines ready to fight in real-time battles. Each of them has various skills and dexterity that they use in encounters. “I am really delighted that we can finally make this title available to fans of the games and the animated adaptation in the West, which of course includes fans of this franchise! We hope many of you can enjoy this fresh new experience, "said Yuito Kimura, CEO and Game Product at Cygames."

The comments about the company that will be in charge of the location and distribution were swift through social networks, in response to the official statement. It should be noted that these comments are from English-speaking users.

  • "Ok, but please don't spoil the pitch, or the rest of the game."
  • "Please, just, please, Crunchyroll, don't ruin this game."
  • “For the love of God, don't censor this game or screw up the monetization this time around. This should be the easiest project in the world if you just do what you have to do. "
  • “I remember an article mentioned that Cygames is looking for a distributor for Priconne. I waited for a year just for it to turn out to be Crunchyroll. There are tons of better companies out there.
  • "I have no problem with Crunchyroll's greed, but don't spoil the game by removing content."
  • "Well, it's disappointing now that Crunchyroll is in charge of localizing and distributing this hit game. I have no doubt that it will be closed in the West and will be back in the safe hands of Cygames in a matter of months. "
  • “They better not censor it like they did with DanMachi: Memoria Freese. Otherwise, better give it to another company. "
  • "Wait for the toxic business strategies, you will see how this will not last six months in their hands."
  • "Please don't close this game after a year, like you have done with everyone else."
  • “Will there be censorship? Crunchyroll has a reputation for censoring game content on their locations for stupid reasons. Well, why ask, of course there will be ".

Regarding what happened with DanMachi: Memoria Freese, it turns out that during its launch in the West by Crunchyroll Games the additional function that allowed to “caress” the girls was removed, a decision that some suspect was taken to save face. However, Crunchyroll had already announced in a promotional video (which it subsequently removed) that the feature would be retained at launch. It is speculated that the company removed the promotional video after it was threatened with being reported to the Federal Trade Commission for false advertising.

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