Some Japanese are not happy with Kamisama and Natta Hi

Some Japanese are not happy with Kamisama and Natta Hi

A popular Japanese comment forum collected some screenshots of Japanese fans' Twitter posts (several were deleted by the authors) in which they criticized the plot evolution of the original anime from P.A. Works, Kamisama and Natta Hi.

Some Japanese are not happy with Kamisama and Natta Hi
  • “After all, Kamisama and Natta Hi, I am not happy with the development of the series so far, but I will follow it simply because it is a Key project waiting for it to become interesting” (@ bNa8Q522WBBfPMV).
  • “CLANNAD had a pretty weak start, but I think it developed quite well. Angel Beats! it was awesome from the start. However, Kamisama and Natta Hi are not really giving me a Key produced vibe, there are some annoying voices, I am really worried about their future ”(@dencinokuni).
  • “Kamisama ni Natta Hi, I watched some episodes but ended up thinking, 'Huh? What is this?" Even the new Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni series is more tolerable than this, because it has a much more defined plot objective ”(@hideyosino).
  • “Charlotte became completely predictable shortly after the middle of her broadcast, but she hoped Kamisama and Natta Hi didn't make the same mistakes. Now I regret having thought about it. I really don't understand Maeda-sensei, I really don't think it's her best work ”(@sub_island_).

It should be mentioned that a few opinions do not represent the entire fan base of the work, however, it never hurts to know what people who do not find a series attractive think or the aspects that could be improved to future. The series has been on air since October 10 in Japan and is confirmed with a total of 12 episodes. The distribution rights remained in the hands of the Funimation platform.

Production team

  • Jun Maeda is credited with the original idea and is also in charge of writing and supervising the scripts.
  • Yoshiyuki Asai (Charlotte, Fate / Apocrypha) is directing the anime at P.A. Works.
  • Na-Ga returns from many other Visual Art’s / Key projects to do the character designs, with Manabu Nii in charge of adapting them to animation.
  • MANYO and Jun Maeda are in charge of composing the soundtrack, with Satoki Iida in charge of sound direction.
  • Singer Nagi Yanagi will perform the opening song titled “Kimi to Iu Shinwa” and the closing song titled “Goodbye Seven Seas”. Both tracks were written by Jun Maeda and composed by MANYO.

Synopsis of Kamisama ni Natta Hi

One day during Youta Narukami's last summer vacation in high school, a girl named Hina appeared before him and proclaimed herself "the Goddess of Knowledge." Hina announced to the confused Youta that the world will come to an end in just 30 days. Youta then witnesses Hina's powers to foresee the future, becoming convinced that what this girl says is real. For her part, Hina, with her vast innocence, decides to live in Youta's house for some reason, perhaps just hoping to keep her company in the face of the imminent end of humanity.

Source: Otakomu

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