SSSS.Gridman: Akane stars in new music video

SSSS.Gridman: Akane stars in new music video

To commemorate the re-airing in Japan of the original anime from Trigger Studios, SSSS.Gridman, an animated music video was produced for the song “Motto Kimi wo Shiritai,” which is performed by the character of Akane Shinjou (in turn performed by Reina Ueda).

The song was originally released with the second character single in December 2018, and was subsequently included on the music album "SSSS.GRIDMAN BEST ALBUM" in December 2019. The lyrics convey the characters' complicated and painful feelings, and were written by the anime's director himself, Akira Amemiya.

SSSS.Gridman: Akane stars in new music video

On the other hand, the original anime was inspired by the 1993 tokusatsu series, Denkou Choujin Gridman, and was a joint production between Tsuburaya Productions and Trigger studios. The series aired during the Fall-2018 season (October-December), and had a total of twelve episodes while Funimation distributed it internationally.

A "spiritual sequel" titled SSSS.Dynazenon is confirmed to premiere next April, and features the same production team. Maaya Uchida will perform the closing song titled “Strobe Memory” and there are still many details to be announced.

Synopsis of SSSS.Gridman

Yuuta Hibiki wakes up in Rikka Takarada's room and notices two things: he has no memories and can hear a mysterious voice calling him from a nearby room. On closer inspection, she finds a robot, posing as the Hyper Agent Gridman, behind the screen of an old computer. To Yuuta's surprise, Rikka cannot hear Gridman, nor can she see the ominous monsters looming over a thick fog that envelops the city outside. Another giant monster materializes in the city and proceeds to wreak havoc. Amid the confusion, Yuuta is once again drawn to the old computer and merges with Gridman. Suddenly, he appears in the middle of the battle and is forced to fight the monster. Together with Rikka and her classmate Shou Utsumi, Yuuta forms the "Gridman Alliance" to defeat the monsters that plague the city and find the one responsible for his appearance.

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