Super Smash Bros accused of sexualizing women

Super Smash Bros accused of sexualizing women

Being a popular video game franchise that also has a large following in the West, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has naturally sparked a wave of ire among a certain sector on social media, as the lovely Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the New characters to be added to the installment have been labeled as yet another example of "female sexualization", despite wearing more clothes than in their original games.

While some fans of the franchise are disgruntled not by the alleged sexualization, but by the introduction of "another swordsman" to the cast of characters, regular users in search of controversy were quick to label these new female characters as sexualized and "promoters. of objectifying women in real life ”, with some even blaming harmless character designs as responsible for the fact that so many competitive Super Smash Bros players are pedophiles or sexual perverts.

Other individuals mentioned the fact that there are characters within the installment who are also sexualized by not having a shirt but, as always, this was considered "something completely normal" by some. Many comments made on Twitter will surely never be recognized, but we have compiled some for the sake of presenting them.

  • Another shitty addition to #SmashBros. Instead of listening to fans and including classic characters, Sakurai adds his personal fetishes and more characters that use swords. He stopped being funny a long time ago, fire Sakurai at once! "
  • Well, initially I was disappointed by the inclusion of Pyra and Mytrha in the cast, but now I feel also angry. Happy for the fans who got something they wanted, but angry about their gross sexist designs. "
  • "Mythra and Pyra designs are absolutely horrendous (not to mention sexist), and that's the main reason I'm against their inclusion in #SmashBros."
  • “Those who claim that showing Sephiroth shirtless is also a form of sexualization are incredibly ignorant. Objectifying Sephiroth will not affect a man's life in a significant way, but doing it with female characters does affect real women. The sexualization of women on #SmashBros is a growing problem.

Source: Sankaku Complex

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