Tejina Senpai manga comes to an end

Tejina Senpai manga comes to an end

The final chapter of the manga written and illustrated by Azu, Tejina Senpai (Magical Sempai), was published in this year's twelfth edition of Kodansha publisher's Weekly Young Magazine, published on February 15 in Japan. The author posted a special illustration via Twitter commemorating the end of serialization.

Tejina Senpai manga comes to an end

Previously, the author had already confirmed on January 18 that the work was nearing completion. Azu began publishing the manga in Kodansha publisher's Weekly Young Magazine in February 2016, and the publisher published the seventh compiled volume in July 2020 in Japan, while the eighth and final release has been scheduled for the next. March 5th.

The play inspired a twelve-episode anime adaptation produced by LIDEN FILMS studios, under the direction of Fumiaki Usui and scripts written by Rintarou Ikeda, released in July 2019. Additionally, a spin-off manga titled Isekai Senpai - Tejina Senpai wa Kono Sekai by mo Ponkotsu na You Desu has been published since November 2019.

Synopsis of Tejina Senpai

I found her… a beautiful, but rare senpai! Magic lover, but stage frightened, this senpai has had a 100% failure rate, but you can't ignore the beauty of her! This is how our protagonist discovers that his school forces him to join a club and, during his reluctant search for him, he finds Tejina-senpai trying to perform magic tricks in his living room. However, her stage fright and the fact that she will now have an audience will turn her attempts into a never-ending comic plot.

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