The Anime Tokyo Revengers has been censored outside of Japan

The Anime Tokyo Revengers has been censored outside of Japan

Through social networks multiple users expressed their indignation by realizing that the animated adaptation of Ken Wakui manga, Tokyo Revengers, was censored for its transmission outside of Japan. The censorship includes a variety of light effects, approaches and even scenes eliminated behind a black screen with the aim of not displaying a representative symbol of the franchise on the screen.

The Anime Tokyo Revengers has been censored outside of Japan

To understand the situation, it should be noted that the name of the band in Japan is "Tokyo Manji Gang", which in Japanese is written as 東京 卍 會, using a sauvastics (卍) for writing. It is not necessary to think much about it to identify the reason why the symbol has had to be censored outside of Japan, as it could easily be confused with the swastika (卐), which is commonly associated with Nazism, although they are completely different. Below is first the version issued in Japan without censorship, and subsequently the released version for the West.

The Anime Tokyo Revengers has been censored outside of Japan 1620593120 The Anime Tokyo Revengers has been censored outside of Japan 1620593120

The Crunchyroll platform, which transmits the series for Latin America, also issued the censored version of the most recent episode (the version issued in Japan has no censorship), and fans, in addition to expressing their indignation, are also more than concerned that the Symbol, which represents the band on which the whole series rotates, is subject to censorship, since it will greatly impact the visual impact of the series and, mainly, the approval of the public.

On Twitter circulates a video showing a scene and the immense work of censorship that has been applied: "Distributed version vs version without censorship. This is already a scandal! It is not possible a censorship as well. This is clearly an abuse! Already the approaches are normal, but long shots and black backgrounds, we just can not accept that! The community clearly deserves something better! "He wrote the account. The video even shows that full scenes are cut and covered with a black screen transition.

The series is located in Emission in Japan since April 10 through different television sets and does not confirm its amount of episodes yet. For its part, Wakui began the publication of the manga in the magazine Weekly Shonen Magazine of the Kodansha Editorial in March 2017. The work is about to overcome the fifteen million copies in circulation.

Synopsis of Tokyo Revellengers

As he looked at the news, Takemichi Hanagaki finds out that his high school girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, has died. The only girl who once noticed him was killed by a group of criminals known as the Toyyo Manji band. Takemichi lives in an old apartment with thin walls, and at the work of him, the head of him six years younger than he treats him as garbage. To top off, he is a complete virgin ... at the cusp of the misery of his life, he suddenly returns in time twelve years at his secondary days. To save Hinata and change the course of time, the once useless part-time worker Takemichi should seek to become the leader of the most tenebrous criminal band of Tokyo!

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