The author of Planet with his first doujinshi for adults

The author of Planet with his first doujinshi for adults

Satoshi Mizukami, recognized for being the creator of the Planet With manga that inspired an adaptation to the anime, became viral on Twitter after a publication where he pointed out that "he dared to write another genre." Mizukami wrote:

"After seeing the best-selling Doujinshi in the Fance Portal for my interest in getting more money, I dared to write a doujinshi for adults, something I had never done to date. In just two days I wrote and drawn one of 32 pages and another 24 pages, to the point of hurting my fingers. This is the price you pay for trying to get new skills at this age (41 years old). Now I must rest because I can not work more in my manuscripts, yes, those of my main works ».

He continued: "I'm not sure if I would like to live on writing and draw sleeves for adults, so I just will do it from time to time as long as I do not have much workload ... However, they do not think I will advertise those jobs by this means, even. The finished ones. I am very embarrassed. I'm not sure about how to face this dilemma between doing it for money but feel too embarrassed to advertise it. "

He concluded: "It will take a long time because I have to investigate trends of creators in this area ... Surely for that time you will have forgotten the subject."

However, later he mentioned: "It seems even a joke. There is no way that Satoshi Mizukami, an author of quite noble sleeves, is now able to do Doujinshi for adults. You already know, it even gives me ashamed to mention the word "penis" ».

He concluded again: "My number is followers has increased around a thousand. I wonder if it is because of the publication where I said that I would be making sleeves for adults from time to time. I also read some comments, but I do not think I'm going to use my characters in that guy. I have an idea about a succubus that, at the request of the victim of her, becomes the character of her favorite manga ... Is it a good idea? The man seemed a bit disappointed of the final result. "It's not just as he expected things," he says causing the wrath of the succubus. (Idea memorandum) ».

Synopsis of Planet with

Kuroi Souya is a high school student who lives a peaceful life despite not having memories of his past. One day, however, the city of him is attacked by one of the mysterious nebulous weapons. Together with the "Sensei" cat and the Gothic Lolita Ginko, Souya is dragged into a battle against ... Seven superheroes that protect the city! What is the reason for Souya to fight? The answer is in her memories.

Source: Otakomu.

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