The manga val x love is about to end

The manga val x love is about to end

Through his Official Twitter account, author Ryousuke Asakura reported that with the seventieth fifth chapter of the manga val x love in the twelfth edition of this year of Monthly Shonen Sunday, the work has entered its "last battle". This type of communication is also interpreted as the "argument climax", that is, that the work is about to end.

The manga val x love is about to end

Asakura began the publication of the Sleeve in Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine from Square Enix publisher in December 2015. The publisher published the twelfth compilation volume on March 12, followed by the tenth third on August 11 in Japan.

The work inspired an adaptation to the anime of twelve episodes produced by Hoods Entertainment studios, under the direction of Takashi Naoya and scripts written by Tatsuya Takahashi, released in the autumn season-2019 (October-December). The series is distributed in the West by Sentai Filmworks and to date there is no news about a second season.

Synopsis of Val X Love

The Valkyries -egendarias Warriors of the Land of the Gods, Asgard - are sent by Odin to protect the land against the growing threat of demons. To overcome these threats, nine gycirs under the disguise of the Saotome Sisters will have to level up the level by performing a series of romantic acts with their official lover, Einherjar. Meanwhile, the socially restless Takuma Akutsu finds out that Odin has chosen him as a lover of the Valkyries. However, despite the total horror of him, he accepts that the sisters remain in the great house of him, still empty, to help them in his war against demons. With nine beautiful women sharing the roof of him, will Takuma overcome his fear to society and become someone worth saving the world?

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