The popular Sam would not be a Samsung virtual assistant

The popular Sam would not be a Samsung virtual assistant

After taking the Internet by surprise a few days ago, it seems that Samsung's virtual assistant will not replace Bixby or will reach no Galaxy line phone. Once the images of the virtual assistant appeared online, the Internet community responded immediately with the approval of the appearance and design. At that time, it was not clear if the virtual assistant was a real and officially supported Samsung design.

The popular Sam would not be a Samsung virtual assistant

The current Samsung virtual assistant is Bixby and can be used to get answers to questions and provide comments in general. This in addition to managing and controlling various intelligent domestic products compatible with the Wizard and Galaxy devices. However, compared to Alexa de Amazon, Google Assistant and even Apple Siri, Bixby has not proven to be so popular. This has led some speculation in the past about whether Samsung might be looking to replace Bixby in the future.

While that could be the case, it does not seem that "Sam" is Samsung's response to a Bixby replacement. Even though the Virtual Assistant has been news in recent days, there are references to "Sam" on some of the company's international websites, including Samsung Belgium. These pages provide a clearer image of what is "Sam" and for what is destined. Although Sam is a virtual assistant, it is simply a Samsung chatbot.

Samsung has not only explained the purpose of "Sam", but also what "Sam" is not designed to be. Specifically, Samsung confirms that "Sam" is not a Bixby replacement. By explaining this, Samsung emphasizes that, unlike the Bixby installation on consumer devices, including Galaxy, SAM phones "The Samsung service team chatbot". When you try to contact Samsung through one of the many online platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Sam is the chatbot that is designed to automatically respond to the questions and queries of consumers. In addition, depending on the location of the consumer, SAM may seem totally different from which it is shown in the images this week, as seen in the official promotional video of Samsung Philippines customer service shown below.

This last point can help explain the recent images of "SAM" that have become viral online. It may be the case that Samsung is associated with different companies to create various chatbots designs that adapt to individual markets, being the recent versions of SAM one of those types of design. Possibly one that will never reach any material or promotional videos. In fact, the original "Sam" publication, which has since been eliminated, referred specifically to previous 2D versions and how the recent "Sam" design was a reinvention in 3D form. In other words, "Sam" is not something new and recent images are simply a concept for a 3D version of the existing Sam Chatbot. Regardless of whether Samsung adopts the viral design of "SAM" in the future, it does not seem that Sam will replace Bixby or to end as a virtual assistant on a Galaxy smartphone.

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