The war against geo-blocking of audiovisual content begins

The war against geo-blocking of audiovisual content begins

The European Commission published a revision to the 2018 Geographic Blocking Regulation on November 30, stating that it is seeking to make changes to the regulation that would limit such geo-blocking practices in the audiovisual sector. The review indicated that the commission aims to address the audiovisual sector and better access to copyrighted content in the European Union in a way that adheres to the core concept of the single market in the EU. The commission plans to address the issues identified in its review in the next “Media and Audiovisual Action Plan”.

The war against geo-blocking of audiovisual content begins

As part of the plan, the commission will initiate a dialogue with stakeholders in the audiovisual sector, before considering any concrete measures. Online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video employ geoblocking in the European Union across the block. The report noted that the average European consumer only has access to 14% of the movies available online for all member nations of the European Union. The report stated that "viewers in Greece have access to only 1.3% of the content available online for the European Union in General, while Germany has access to 43.1%".

The 2018 regulation currently applies to sectors such as electronic commerce. On the other hand, the Commissioner for Internal Trade, Thierry Breton, declared: “The pandemic has shown to what extent we depend on digital technologies in all countries of the European Union, and that cross-border access to goods and services online must take place No barriers or friction for European consumers, regardless of their location, residence or nationality. This first revision of the Regulation of Geographical Blocking, or Geoblocking, already shows the first positive results. We will closely monitor its effects and discuss with stakeholders, especially in the Audiovisual and Media Action Plan to ensure that the industry can scale and reach new audiences, and that consumers can fully enjoy the diversity of content not as a country. , but as the European Union itself ".

Source: ANN

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