The WebToon Tower of God will resume this summer

The WebToon Tower of God will resume this summer

In the official Twitter account of the Naver Webtoon platform, a special illustration was published announcing that the serialization of the Written Webtoon and illustrated by Siu, Tower of God will resume in the summer season-2021 (July-September). The statement did not reveal more information or a specific date.

The WebToon Tower of God will resume this summer

The work entered an indefinite break from the publication of Chapter Number 485 carried out in June 2020. The author had announced in September that he had no intention of resuming the work soon, however, in October he revealed that he had plans to resume it in the middle of November. Finally, in December 2020 he pointed out that he would extend pause for at least six more months.

On the other hand, Siu publishes the Webtoon Tower of God through the site Naver Webtoon since 2010. The work inspired an adaptation to the twelve episodes anime produced by Telecom Animation Film studios, under the direction of Takashi Sana and scripts written by Erika Yoshida, premiered in April 2020. To date there are no indications about the production of a second season.

Synopsis of Tower of God

There is a tower that calls on people elected "regular" calls with the promise to grant their deepest desires. Whether wealth, fame, authority or something that surpasses them all, everything expects to those who come to the top. Bam is a child who had only known a dark cave, a dirty cloth and an unattainable light throughout his life. Then, when a girl named Rachel approached him through the Light, the whole world changed. The close friend of Rachel, he learned about her several things about the outside world. But when Rachel says she must leave him to climb the tower, she is shattered around her. Promising to follow her regardless of what it costs, she fixes the view on the tower and a miracle occurs. This is how Bam's trip begins, a young man who was not elected by the tower but opened his doors for himself. They call the species of it "irregular", beings who have shaken the foundations of the tower every time they put a foot inside it.

Source: Official Twitter Account

© Siu / Naver Webtoon

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