They believe that the Summer-2024 season will be disappointing

They believe that the Summer-2024 season will be disappointing

On forums and social media in Japan, netizens have begun to express their concern and discontent over the apparent lack of interesting anime premieres for the upcoming Summer-2024 season, which runs from July to September. Except for the long-awaited second season of "Oshi no Ko," fans have pointed out that the rest of the premieres don't look promising.

They believe that the Summer-2024 season will be disappointing

One of the main reasons behind this negative perception is the overproduction of anime. Every season, animation studios release a large number of new series, which has led to market saturation. Although this might seem positive at first glance, many fans feel that the quality of the stories and originality are diminishing.

Another point of debate is the constant recycling of certain themes, which has led to a monotony in new productions. Genres such as isekai (stories of characters who are transported to parallel worlds), romantic comedies, and various shonen plots (series aimed at a young male audience) are repeated season after season. Internet users comment that many of these series follow already established formulas, without providing significant novelties that capture the interest of the public.

The lack of interesting releases also reflects a major challenge for the anime industry. The need to innovate and diversify stories is crucial to keeping audiences interested and securing the future of this medium. The discussion among netizens could serve as a wake-up call for anime creators and producers, urging them to explore new ideas and break away from repetitive formulas.

  • "As always, Kinnikuman resurfaces to save a new season."
  • "Too many isekai stories coming out of Shousetsuka ni Narou for next season."
  • "I'm really excited for the premiere of Kijin Gentoushou."
  • "I think The Café Terrace and Its Goddesses is also worth it."
  • "And what about Tensui no Sakuna-hime? I haven't played the game yet."
  • "I thought NieR: Automata would be promising."
  • "I think this Oshi no Ko arc is also disappointing, they forget a lot about the main plot."
  • "Wasn't there a Suicide Squad anime for the next season?"
  • "I think the return of Fairy Tail has a few people excited."
  • "I'm sure Oshi no Ko will once again be the highlight of the season."
  • "I'm really tired of isekai stories, they really have me rotten."
  • "It can't be helped, there are a lot of shows that were underwhelming in their first few seasons and come back in the next one."
  • "And I think they're going to air another series based on a South Korean story, what a bummer."
  • "And I thought Nige Jouzu no Wakagimi was popular, now I understand that it's not like that."
  • "There's nothing else to do but keep watching Spice and Wolf and The Fable."
  • "I think there's going to be an interesting original anime from P.A.WORKS, and I won't have time to look at other isekai stuff."
  • "Doesn't that VTuber anime sound interesting to you? I was thinking of looking at it because Yuu Kobayashi-san will be with a character."

Source: Yaraon!