They criticize that modern action scenes are boring

They criticize that modern action scenes are boring

In a recent interview, Kazuchika Kise, renowned director of "Ghost in the Shell: Arise," expressed his dissatisfaction with the way action scenes are being depicted in the contemporary anime industry. Kise offered a frank and detailed perspective on the growing use of CGI in anime, making his critical point of view clear.

They criticize that modern action scenes are boring

Kise mentioned that while he doesn't hate CGI anime, this one isn't to his personal taste. He said he prefers stop-motion videos that use action figures, which he finds really impressive and can be found frequently on Twitter. For him, these videos manage to capture the essence of the action in a more compelling way.

In contrast, Kise criticized the speed of the action scenes in recent anime. According to him, these scenes are so fast that it is difficult to understand what is happening. In addition, he commented that the attacks in these scenes lack weight, which detracts from their realism. For Kise, the fights in the current anime don't feel realistic because, first of all, no one dies from being hit, which also means that they don't seem painful.

Kise suggests that the intent behind the art in these scenes is more extravagance than a faithful depiction of a match in which opponents test each other. Instead of focusing on authenticity and realism, it seeks to impress with spectacular and exaggerated action. These curious statements did not go unnoticed on comment forums:

  • "I think that was an oblique mention of the production of Jujutsu Kaisen."
  • "If the characters realistically reacted to the punches, the fans wouldn't like it."
  • "There are things that can't be represented frame by frame."
  • "I feel like the current anime, when it comes to action scenes, they just show a bunch of lines and lights instead of characters moving."
  • "It reminds me of the second season of One Punch Man. Because they had bad animation, so they only showed blue lights in the action scenes and earned the hatred of the audience."
  • "So you'd rather them move slowly and boringly? It is clear that this subject is already too old to understand current trends."
  • "Camerawork should be the most important element, as should the arrangement of the frames in the manga. There are too many weird takes in some anime."
  • "Now it's time for a lot of anime to replicate the combat style of Dragon Ball Z, that was exciting to watch."
  • "Certainly, when you compare the fight between Goku and Vegeta and some of the current fights, you notice a massive superiority in Dragon Ball."
  • "Kazuchika Kise has a great track record in animation, I think we can trust his opinion."
  • "But a lot of the anime of yesteryear were, as you see, stick man battles. Compared to that, the slick battles of some more recent anime are a lot of fun to watch."
  • "CG-animated characters tend to be lighter in movement. They are supposed to pick up the club, put all their strength into it, and then swing it down. But the character raises the club, exerts force, and then lowers it instantly. If there's no weight in the movement, it doesn't seem realistic."

Source: Yaraon!