They propose in networks that the ‘normies’ stay away from the anime industry

They propose in networks that the ‘normies’ stay away from the anime industry

In recent days, a publication made by Twitter user @ BlackDGamer1 went viral on networks, where he said: «If your general knowledge about the anime industry is Kimetsu no Yaiba, Naruto, Inuyasha, Bleach, One Piece, Fate, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Mobile Suit Gundam, Boku no Hero Academia, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Ghost in the Shell, so you're not a fan of the industry! Normies stay away from commenting on it! "

The post attracted a lot of attention from the community on Twitter, and the user extended his post by adding more comments: “It seems that a lot of idiots didn't understand the message of this post. What I mean is IF THOSE ARE THE ONLY SERIES YOU KNOW and nothing else, then you are a problem. The main reason is the amount of junk articles that these people usually write about series that they do not know.

“If my comments bother you, then I want you to know that I really don't care. You are free to disagree with me, and you may want to talk about it or debate, but I anticipate that I am not interested. Also, ani-tubers are an internet cancer. '

The user ended with: “Hello everyone! Buenas tardes! I'm here to tell you that the essential purpose of this thread is to say that the anime fan community should exclude activists, social vigilantes, and weirdos outside, all those who seek to censor anime, manga, light novels, and visual novels, just because it makes them a little uncomfortable! "

The user also makes use of a concept known as gatekeeping, which is a slang term in English that refers to "establishing who may or may not have access or rights in a community or group of people." The user also recently shared a new post about it:

"If you have" pronouns (he, she) "in your bio, you definitely need to be excluded from the anime fan community! Point! None of you know how to behave within this community, and you only enter with the intention of "canceling" the things that do not seem to you, or that do not fit your way of seeing the world! They have to go right now!

The latter publication attracted the attention of those who “covered the described profile”, and even some popular accounts from Japan that often cover controversies: “As a Japanese, I cannot deny the latter. They want to force their transgender or non-binary stuff, or whatever, into established issues like Astolfo from Fate or Shirogane from Persona. That means that they believe it means nothing to destroy / twist creations to fit their political agendas. They are a threat to anime culture. "

Source: Twitter

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