Twitter suspends Japanese erotic artists at Russia's request

Twitter suspends Japanese erotic artists at Russia's request

Different Japanese artists have pointed out that their accounts have been suspended due to reports received from Russia. It seems that once again things are being complicated for those who carry out illustrations of Lolis, and the reason is now on account of Russia.

Twitter suspends Japanese erotic artists at Russia's request

Since 2015, Roskomnadzor (Federal Service for Supervision of Telecommunications, Information Technology and Media) has threatened has threatened certain content on the Internet, requesting Twitter to intervene and delete what they consider illegal according to their laws. While Twitter at the time ignored the requests, the Agency threatened to block the use of the platform throughout Russia, and has already implemented some sanctions on the site if they do not eliminate the content that Russia considers illegal.

With this, Twitter has not had any more choice than to yield to demands. For example, the following user received an email by the Twitter administration, pointing out exactly that: "Recently, I received a warning email from the Federal Telecommunication Supervisory Authority, Information Technology and Media from Russia (Roskomnadzor) via Twitter. Keep in mind that if you wait too much after receiving this email, you will be blocked. You will be warned only once and will freeze in about three days ».

Another user commented: "I have been suspended. Apparently, I was charged by the Russian Federation. I suppose I received a warning, but I did not see the email ... ».

Another user complained reasoned from the prohibitions to which Twitter agreed, and pointed out that it is absurd that a Japanese who lives in Japan is punished by the laws of another country: "It seems that some accounts of erotic artists have been suspended by the authorities. from Russia (although it is a mystery that by which Japanese users are evaluated according to the laws of Russia). I think it's because Russia threatened to ban Twitter in its territory if they did not yield. "

He continued: "On the contrary, if we were conversely, the Government of Japan could suspend accounts from around the world that publish illustrations or videos that are not censored (in relation to article 175 of the Criminal Code). According to the legal standards of each country (for example, even a photo of a woman in a swimsuit could be a reason for suspension), no one would be happy with that, right? "

The situation is not really new, however it has intensified in recent days. In fact, since its inception inspired an animated music video that circulates on YouTube since July 2017. Although it is interpreted in Russian, it has subtitles to English.

Source: Yaraon!

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