Voice Actress Yukiyo Fujii Releases ASMR Recording

Voice Actress Yukiyo Fujii Releases ASMR Recording

Japanese voice actress and actress Yukiyo Fujii announced the release of her first professional ASMR recording, titled "Hasami Mimi-chuu Senjou Soine (which translates to Scissors, Ear Wash, and Nap Together)." The recording is available through the DLsite at a price of 1,980 yen (approximately $ 18).

This recording is made up of eight different sections that cover activities such as ear washing, manicures, hair washing, haircuts and even a recording that simulates sleeping in the company of the original character. The experience offered by Yukiyo Fujii simulates attending a hair salon, if not a beauty salon.

This product was produced by the Kotoneiro company, dedicated especially to the production of ASMR recordings and established by the voice actress and singer Kotori Koiwai, in collaboration with Aimi Terakawa. The company has already produced some recordings that were also released through the same platform, offering a variety of fictitious situations through ASMR.

Finally, Fujii has had mostly supporting roles in the anime industry, however, she has excelled in leading roles such as Latifa Fleuranza in Amagi Brilliant Park, Horaru Tomoe in Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal Season III, Kathleen Funada in Gibiate and Rebecca Rossellini. in Lupine III (2015), to name a few.

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