What prompted the attack on Kyoto Animation Studios remains a mystery

What prompted the attack on Kyoto Animation Studios remains a mystery

The reason 42-year-old Shinji Aoba perpetrated the arson attack on Kyoto Animation's first studio facility on July 18, 2019, was again brought up in a popular Japanese comment forum. The original referenced an article published by The Sankei News on May 27, the day Aoba was officially arrested after recovering from the burns he received.

Shinji Aoba, 42, claimed that he had 'stolen a novel' during a voluntary interview prior to his arrest, and stated that the company had 'threatening intentions' against him because of it. However, on the side of the Kyoto Animation statements, the company completely denied these claims, and the Kyoto Prefectural Police Department found no evidence at Shinji Aoba's home regarding the alleged work (or drafts of it, neither physical nor digital) to prove his accusation. Additionally, Aoba regretted the incident, mentioning that he "was out of himself" and also showed a conformist attitude with the phrase "it will be the death penalty, I suppose." Why was Kyoto Animation attacked then? The investigation to clarify the matter has not ended. "
What prompted the attack on Kyoto Animation Studios remains a mystery

Capital punishment in Japan is legal under the charges of murder or treason, usually in cases of multiple murders in the first concept. Executions are carried out by hanging and shooting in a "death chamber" located in the Detention Center. However, Aoba had a criminal record and suffered from mental illness. In 2012, he robbed a convenience store with a knife in Ibaraki Prefecture and was subsequently imprisoned for three and a half years. Aoba's mental illness could reduce his maximum sentence for the attack from a death sentence to just life in prison.

Separately, the studios released a statement in response to the news of the official arrest of Shinji Aoba, who in July 2019 set a fire in the first building of the Kyoto Animation studios, leading to the death of 36 employees and injuries. in 33 others, including himself. In its statement, Kyoto Animation mentions that the suspect's actions and their results are the only thing that matter, and that no explanation or apology will be able to bring back colleagues who lost their lives or heal the physical and emotional wounds of the survivors.

The company went on to mention that the families and friends of the deceased and injured, as well as the remaining study personnel, will have to continue to face an irreversible reality. Finally, the study mentioned believing that the authorities will do the right thing and apply the sanctions that they consider pertinent.

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