Why Do Some People Enjoy Netorare Stories?

Why Do Some People Enjoy Netorare Stories?

A post made on Twitter by the user @ mmk00 recently went viral on networks in Japan, where he wrote: «A friend who enjoys infidelity stories (netorare) once commented:“ I really feel bad reading this kind of stories, but will it be like that for all lovers of the genre? Or do they just enjoy the story and think it's okay? " Personally, I felt pretty bad when I read a story of that genre. My chest ached, and I wondered why so much cruelty.

A second response from another user was the one that ended up sharing an interesting revelation about it: «I like to talk about this, when I read these kinds of stories I feel an indescribable pain in my chest, and I am sure that most of the people they are shocked and even depressed for a few seconds. Those feelings are quickly neutralized by substances in the brain as a kind of "palliative care." So those who love the nether are actually lovers of the feeling they get after reading them.

In summary, the publication assures that lovers of infidelity stories are addicted to the feeling of depression and restlessness that they experience when reading them and that later fades, in a very similar way to those lovers of extra-spicy food. It should be noted that the netorare (also abbreviated as NTR) is also a subgenre of hentai (manga for adults) which consists of the protagonist going through an infidelity on the part of his sentimental partner. It is one of the most popular sub-genres and the complete antithesis of vanilla, which consists of romantic stories about happy couples. And you, do you like to read stories about infidelity?

Source: Otakomu

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