Zombieland Saga is finally back, but not the way you wanted

Zombieland Saga is finally back, but not the way you wanted

The popular anime franchise "Zombieland Saga" has announced its unexpected return, but not in the way many fans expected. Instead of a new season or the long-awaited movie, the series will be relaunched as a pachinko machine, scheduled to come out in Japan in July of this year. This announcement has left many fans with mixed feelings, as although it shows that there is still interest in the franchise, it also reignites concerns about the future of the promised "Zombieland Saga" movie.

The "Zombieland Saga" movie was announced in October 2021, generating great expectation among fans. However, since then there have been no significant updates on its production. This lack of news has led to speculation and fears that the project could be in danger of being cancelled. MAPPA's recent decision to cancel the production of the film "Yuri!! on ICE" after several years without news has intensified these fears. Fans of "Zombieland Saga" fear that their beloved franchise could face a similar fate.

"Zombieland Saga," which debuted in 2018, quickly won the hearts of many with its unique combination of anime idol and elements of horror and comedy. The series follows a group of zombie girls who are resurrected to form an idol group in an attempt to revitalize Saga Prefecture. The second season, "Zombieland Saga: Revenge", continued the success of the first, cementing the series as a cultural phenomenon.

Despite the initial enthusiasm for the film, the lack of updates and now the focus on the pachinko machine have left fans unsettled. The pachinko industry in Japan is known for using popular franchises to attract players, but rarely does this translate into new animated or film productions. Fans fear that the more time passes, the more people will forget the series, thus reducing its profitability and the chances of the film seeing the light of day.

Zombieland Saga is finally back, but not the way you wanted

Fans' concern is understandable, especially considering the volatility and competition within the anime industry. Long waits and miscommunication can erode the interest and passion of the fan base, making promising projects less commercially viable. The industry has seen numerous examples of projects that have faded into obscurity due to these factors.

However, the release of the pachinko machine could also be a strategy to keep the franchise alive in the public's mind and attract new attention while the details of the film's production are worked out. Creators and producers may be using this pause to ensure that the film meets the high expectations of fans.

Source: Otakomu