Azur Lane: Cleveland Stars a fun Anecdote on the Internet

Azur Lane: Cleveland Stars a fun Anecdote on the Internet

A funny story was shared through a popular Japanese comments forum, where an annoying user commented on a matter related to the successful multimedia franchise of Azur Lane. «I have been looking for information and photographs of the city of" Cleveland (クリ ー ブラ ブラ ド) of the United States. But my screen is full of anime girls who have nothing to do with what I'm looking for! I just want to look for pictures of that city because I plan to visit it in the future, why does this happen to me? This is "searches contamination" and it is very annoying! ", He narrated the publication.

Azur Lane: Cleveland Stars a fun Anecdote on the Internet

It turns out that what the user encountered seeking the name of Cleveland (クリ ー ブラ ブラ ド), and given the great popularity of the Azur Lane videogame in Japan, all he found were images of the character who carries the same name. Some comments recommended that he did not write the name in Katakana, but he wrote it in a romanized way (that is, with letters). There were no more messages about it after that.

Synopsis of Azur Lane

When the "SIRENS", an extraterrestrial force with an arsenal that far exceeds the current technology, suddenly appeared, a divided humanity supported each other for the first time in history. Four countries, Eagle Union, Royal Navy, Sakura Empire and Iron Blood, formed "Azur Lane", raising the way for the improvement of modern war, which led to a first victory against the common threat. However, this tenuous union was threatened by two opposed ideals, dividing the alliance into two and fragmenting again humanity. As an experienced fighter, Enterprise, nicknamed the "Gray Ghost", takes the "Azur Lane" on his shoulders with the Hope to end war. But behind the personalized stain of it, a fragile girl, fearful of the ocean is hidden. Even so, she continues to fight because she believes it is the only purpose of her existence.

Source: Yaraon!

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