Do erotic manga artists die at a young age?

Do erotic manga artists die at a young age?

Renowned mangaka Lynn Okamoto, author of Elfen Lied, shared an image through his official Twitter account, with the following message: “Looking at this list, I felt terrified because there are many erotic manga artists who, in fact I read". The image attracted the attention of many of his fans, since Okamoto is also an author of erotic manga and there is an interesting theory that states that these types of artists die at an early age.

In fact, the official Twitter account of the doujinshi hentai magazine, Weekly Karakuten, responded to its publication with the following message: “We were afraid that the image in this list would be used for the theory of erotic manga artists die. prematurely, but we are very relieved that it is being taken from a very calm perspective. Creating an environment where mangakas can work in good health is one of the objectives of the industry, but health is also a personal matter for each author, so it is inappropriate to conclude that "being an erotic manga artist" is a death cause".

He continued: “We have been avoiding giving our opinion on this matter, but since it is a topic that is related to our field, we could not avoid it. We have seen several authors face fans who ask them about it, and we want it to be clear that, although "erotic manga artist" is a label that encompasses all authors, it is not connected in any way to the life or death of someone".

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