Kana Hanazawa opens her channel on Bilibili

Kana Hanazawa opens her channel on Bilibili

In Japanese networks the news went viral that the popular actress, voice actress and singer Kana Hanazawa has opened her official channel on the Chinese video platform, Bilibili. The popular voice actress has already posted her first video, apparently with Chinese subtitles, and she has gained abysmal notoriety on the platform, getting around 36,000 comments and more than 620,000 likes.

On the other hand, Kana Hanazawa was born in Tokyo Prefecture on February 25, 1989, and has been active in the voice acting industry in anime, video games, dubbing and narration since 2003. Among her most recognized participations, Just to mention a small part, they include Nadeko Sengoku in Monogatari Series, Kanade Tachibana in Angel Beats !, Kuroneko in Oreimo, Mayuri Shiina in Steins; Gate, Kosaki Onodera in Nisekoi, Chiaki Nanami in Danganronpa and Ichika Nakano in Gotoubun no Hanayome .

In his musical career he has five studio albums and thirteen singles released under his name, although he has also released other songs under the name of his characters and which have been used as musical themes in animation productions. Bakemonogatari's unmistakable fourth opening track, “Ren’ai Circulation (恋愛 サ ー キ ュ レ ー シ ョ ン)” was performed by Hanazawa.

Source: Bilibili