Minako Shiba, character designer at Kuroshitsuji, passes away

Minako Shiba, character designer at Kuroshitsuji, passes away

Animation Studios Pierrot reported the passing of animator and character designer Minako Shiba, at the age of fifty. The press release did not reveal the cause of her death. «Minako Shiba-san, who worked as a character designer for our projects like 'Hikaru no Go' and 'Tegami Bachi', has passed away. We express our sincere condolences, "the statement said.

Shiba was recognized for having done the character designs for projects such as Noir, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), Hikaru no Go and Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE. She also participated in character design for projects such as .hack // SIGN, Madlax, Rental Magica, Red Data Girl, Tegami Bachi, Phantom ~ Requiem for the Phantom ~ and most recently Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- Rhyme Encourage.

In many of the previous projects, Minako Shiba was also credited as a key animator, episode animation director, and general animation director, the same role she held in numerous other productions such as Dr. Stone and Blood +.

Kuroshitsuji Synopsis

The young Ciel Phantomhive is known as the "queen's watchdog" as he takes care of the many disturbing events that occur during Victorian England for Her Majesty. With the help of Sebastian Michaelis, his loyal butler with seemingly inhuman abilities, Ciel uses whatever means necessary to get the job done. But is there more to this black-clad butler than meets the eye? In Ciel's past lies a tragedy that enveloped him in perennial darkness: During one of his darkest moments, he formed a contract with Sebastian, a demon, negotiating his soul in exchange for revenge on those who threatened him. Now, Sebastian is not only a great butler, but he is also the perfect servant to carry out the orders of his master, as he waits patiently for the delicious food that he will eventually prepare with Ciel's soul.

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