Onlyfans will prohibit explicit content from October

Onlyfans will prohibit explicit content from October

The decision made by the Onlyfans platform to stop lodge soon a wide strip of sexually explicit content is causing a great commotion on the Internet. Onlyfans, a website with 130 million users and more than 2 million content creators, has become synonymous with pornography.

Onlyfans will prohibit explicit content from October

For many participation in this application becomes economic lifeguard: some of those who lost their jobs during the pandemic appealed to sell their bodies through this platform to help pay bills. On the side of the Otaku culture, thousands of cosplayers sell their photo packets (both simple and erotic) through Onlyfans, this being the last reason why we publish on this on this site.

The company will continue to allow some publications that contain nudes, but "any content containing a sexually explicit behavior" will be banned, and the site will focus on the change in more conventional content. Onlyfans has declared that the prohibition, which will come into force in October, is due to the pressure exerted by banks and payment processors, who have expressed concern about the material it houses. Instead of losing their ability to accept payments, which would end the business, Onlyfans has opted to prohibit adult material that gave him fame.

Does not that last that last? It turns out that problems with pay processors have not been exclusive to Onlyfans, since at the beginning of July we report that Toffer Team had run out of funds in Kickstarter to produce "Lewd Idol Project". According to the Declaration issued by the Development Team, Paypal blocked its funds because "they were related to sexual activities and services," something that does not sound very different from what is happening today with Onlyfans.

However, Onlyfans has also faced a growing political and regulatory scrutiny on their ability to eliminate illegal and exploitation material. Earlier this month, more than a hundred US congressmen demanded an investigation by the Department of Justice on Onlyfans, in relation to the alleged presence of juvenile material on the site. These problems have scared the possible investors of the company and have led it to seek a more generalized business model, similar to that of other Crowdfunding sites as Patreon, while eliminating sex workers who built their audience.

Source: CNN Business

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