Sister Princess special event postponed until 2021

Sister Princess special event postponed until 2021

On the official site of the project for the twentieth anniversary of the Sister Princess franchise, it was announced that the long-awaited virtual live concert performed by the five sisters: Karen (performed by Natsuko Kuwatani), Sakuya (performed by Yui Horie), Kaho (performed by by Hisayo Mochizuki), Mamoru (played by Yumiko Kobayashi) and Aria (played by Nana Mizuki), will be postponed until the spring season of 2021.

As previously reported, the fundraising campaign for this concert was carried out for a total of 16 days, between September 7 and 23, and accumulated a total of 53,478,175 yen from a total of 1,472 people, which which was 267% higher than the initial goal of 20 million yen. Thanks to this widespread success, two expanded goals (a swimsuit for Karen's virtual model, a mini-concert, and a music album) were met as well.

Finally, the concert was originally planned to take place in December of this year, and even the date of “December 26, 2020” will still appear in this year's twelfth issue of Dengeki G’s Magazine in Japan. The official site posted the following message:

En la duodécima edición de este año de la Dengeki G’s Magazine, que se lanzará el 30 de octubre, enumeramos la fecha del concierto virtual de Sister Princess como 26 de diciembre, y hemos estado trabajando para cumplir con esa fecha gracias al apoyo de los fanáticos. Con el fin de asegurarnos de que la calidad del programa sea digna de su apoyo, hemos decidido posponer el evento hasta principios de la primavera del año 2021 después de mucha deliberación. Para aquellos de ustedes que han estado esperando el directo, les pedimos disculpas por las molestias que esto pueda ocasionar. Muchas gracias por su comprensión“.

Sister Princess Synopsis

Wataru Minakami is an exemplary student who fails the high school entrance exam due to a server failure. Later, he discovers that he is accepted into the Stargazer Hill Academy, located in a mysterious place called Promised Island. At the request of his father, Wataru is taken to the island, and before he can settle in, a dozen beautiful girls surround him and claim to be his younger sisters.When Wataru begins to get closer and meet his new younger sisters, he will discover that he exists. a deeper reason as to why he was sent to that island.

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