The anime Horimiya reveals the details of his last Blu-ray / DVD

The anime Horimiya reveals the details of his last Blu-ray / DVD

On the official site for the animated adaptation of the Sleeve written by Hero and illustrated by Daisuke Hagiwara, Horimiya, the details and cover of the seventh and last Blu-ray / DVD collection package of the project were revealed. The illustration is starring the Izumi Miyamura and Kyouko Hori characters.

The anime Horimiya reveals the details of his last Blu-ray / DVD

This sixth Blu-Ray / DVD package will include the twelfth and tenth episodes of this adaptation, and will be put on sale in Japan on August 25, with the Blu-ray version at a price of 6,800 yen (approximately $ 65) and the DVD version at a price of 5,800 yen (approximately 56 dollars). Additional benefits included List a CD drama and a special brochure with illustrations and production material.

On the other hand, the series was issued in Japan during the winter season-2021 (January-March), with a total of thirteen episodes and with funimation by transmitting it for the West. The manga was published through the magazine Monthly G Fantasy of the Square Enix publishing house since October 2011, and ended in March 2021.

Production team

  • Masashi Ishihama (Glass No Hana to Kowasu Sekai, person 5 The Animation, Senkou No Night Raid) was responsible for the project management at the Cloverworks studios.
  • Takao Yoshioka (100-Man No Inochi No EU or Ore WA Tatteiru, Demi-chan WA Kataritai, High School DXD) was in charge of writing and supervision of scripts.
  • Haruko Iizuka (Ensemble Stars, Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko., Josee to Tora to Sakana-Tachi) was in charge of the design of characters.
  • Masaru Yokoyama (Arakawa Under The Bridge, Fate / Apocrypha, Koi to Use) was responsible for the composition of the soundtrack.

Synopsis of Horimiya

Although admired at school for his kindness and academic dexterity, the high school student Kyouko Hori has been hiding another side of her. With his parents often outside the home due to work, Hori has to take care of his younger brother and do homework, without having time to socialize outside the school. So much, Izumi Miyamura is seen as a disturbing Otaku who uses glasses. However, he actually he is a kind and inept person to study. Also, he has nine piercings hidden behind him, and a tattoo along his back and left shoulder. By pure coincidence, Hori and Miyamura cross out of school, none looking like the other would expect it. These apparently opposite poles become friends, sharing one side that has never been shown to anyone.

Source: official site

© Hero • 萩原 ダイスケ / Square Enix • ホリミヤ 製作 委員会

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