The author of New Game! He said that he had focused on the MOE, the series would have ended a lot before

The author of New Game! He said that he had focused on the MOE, the series would have ended a lot before

The tenth third and last volume compilation of the written manga and illustrated by Shutarou Tokunou, New Game!, Was released on September 27 after a serialization of eight and a half years. The author recently commented with the Japanese media how he felt about the conclusion of this work.

The author of New Game! He said that he had focused on the MOE, the series would have ended a lot before

Tokunou commented: "I often receive comments from people who say that their vision of work has changed, as for example:" Now I understand things that I did not understand when I was a student, now that I am working. " In an eight-year serialization, those readers who were studying at the beginning of serialization should now be adult workers for the end of the work. By changing the situation of the reader, the author could discover new things about the "joys" and the "sorrows" of the workers.

The author used his work experience in a videogame company in his work for about two years. With the dream of becoming an illustrator, he left his work to concentrate on his illustrator's illustrator of light novels. "When I think about it now, I do not know how I left it," he says with an ironic smile. He did not have much interest in becoming a cartoonist, but when he sold Doujinshi at the Comic Market event (comiket) to get a job, he approached the editor of the Comic Gum magazine, the monthly magazine of the Editorial Wani Books.

"He had never drawn a manga. That opportunity led me to start drawing, and as a result I discovered that I felt more comfortable working on the manga than on the illustrations. The illustrator's work is to receive orders and shape the images of other people, but the manga is of his own initiative, so it was interesting in the sense that he could draw what he wanted, "she said.

"I tried to address people who would like my work after reading it carefully, instead of people who would be limited to praise it on the spot. If I had only focused on the Moe part (which made us so popular), the series would have ended much before, "the author analyzed. «The phrase characteristic of Aoba Suzukaze," Kyou Mo Ichinichi Ganbaru Zoi (once again, I will do it the best I can-zoi!) "It is only said once in adapting to anime. If it is abused something, it becomes boring very quickly, so you have to be careful. When I thought about what kind of readers they would support me for a long time, I thought the best way to do it would be taken my work seriously, "he concluded.

Synopsis of New Game!

Since childhood, Aoba Suzukaze has loved the series of Fairies Story games, particularly the designs of characters. Then, when he graduates from high school, it is not surprising that he presents an application to work at Eagle Jump, the company responsible for making the favorite video game of him. On the first day of her, she is excited to know that she will be working on a new delivery of the series: Fairies Story 3, and even more with Kou Yagami, the main characters designer.

In your department there are people who share the same passion for games. Is Yun Iijima, whose specialty is to design monsters; the timid Hifumi Takimoto, which prefers to communicate through instant messaging; Hajime Shinoda, a member of the animation team with an impressive collection of figures; Rin Tooyama, the orderly art director; Shizuku Hazuki, the director of the game that leads to her cat to her work; and Umiko Ahagon, the main programmer of bad temper.

Source: Otakomu.

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