The future of the Berserk manga continues without deciding

The future of the Berserk manga continues without deciding

As previously announced, at the tenth eighth edition of this year of Young Animal magazine, a new chapter of the written manga was published and illustrated by Kentarou Miura, Berserk. The publisher issued a statement indicating that "there is nothing to report on the future of manga serialization at this time," and which he wrote:

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Berserk readers their continued support. Chapter 364 of Berserk published in this edition is the latest work of the deceased Kentaro Miura. We have been able to continue with the manuscript he left and publish it this time thanks to the dedicated support of Studio Gaga members, who worked at Berserk along with Kentaro Miura for years. "

He continued: "In addition, we are delighted to announce that the next collector volume will be launched in December. We thank all the readers for having waited so long, especially, in the circumstance that the information was unclear and ambiguous. This edition (from the magazine) also serves as a special tribute to Kentaro Miura, since it is the last manuscript of him. We have decided to use the sketch of it for the cover especially on this occasion, with the hope of transmitting all the readers all the passion of it, which is as strong and totally perceptible even in sketches. "

He concluded: "We hope they feel the devotion he put in his work. When creating this edition, we have realized how big and powerful it was Berserk for us, just like the sword Matadragones is for Guts. We deeply regret report that there is no information to share about the future of the Berserk series at this time. One thing we can promise is that, as Young Animal: The publisher that has worked with Kentaro Miura in Berserk, our first priority will always be him, what he would think if he was still with us. Last but not least, we have a message for all fans of Japan and abroad. We have read all the letters that have sent us with great appreciation. We would like to express our gratitude once again for its continued love and support. "

The future of the Berserk manga continues without deciding

Synopsis of Berserk.

Now marked for death and destined to be persecuted by demons until the day of his death, Guts embarks on a trip to challenge such an appalling destination, while waves of beasts chase him without rest. Arming the determination of him, he takes the monstrous sword slaughter and swears to take revenge on the responsible, hunting the same man whom he once admired and considered a friend. On the way, he meets some unlikely allies, like a small elf called Puck and Isidro, a young thief who seeks to learn the handling of the sword of the former mercenary. As the heterogeneous group meets slowly after having decided to join Guts in their search, they will face an incredible danger as they had never experienced before.

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