The Manga Duranki by Kentarou Miura has been canceled

The Manga Duranki by Kentarou Miura has been canceled

In the tenth edition of this year of the magazine Young Animal Zero announced the cancellation of the written sleeve and illustrated by Kentarou Miura and Studio Gaga, Duranki. The decision responds to a series of discussions and debates among the editors and Studio Gaga (which is composed of the assistants of Miura) after the death of Kentarou Miura in May of this year. The manga will have a single compilation volume on December 24, which will include material not published and without ending. On this same date, the forty-half-volume of Manga Berserk will be published, which is still not clear about the future of its serialization.

The Manga Duranki by Kentarou Miura has been canceled

Finally, Kentarou Miura and Studio Gaga began the publication of the manga in September 2019, with the second accredited in the production of the work. Miura died on May 6 due to a heart problem, at 54 years old. The Hakusensha publishing house describes history as follows: "Based on Mesopotamic mythology and ancient Greece. In the interstice between heaven and earth. Neither God nor human. Neither man nor woman. Usumugal, a child who receives the name of "Dragon". The ancient world. Using his great wisdom, they have built a new myth. Based on an idea of ​​Kentaro Miura, who produced and supervised the manga. The art study of him draws and writes the series from the schemes of him ».

Synopsis of Berserk.

Now marked for death and destined to be persecuted by demons until the day of his death, Guts embarks on a trip to challenge such an appalling destination, while waves of beasts chase him without rest. Arming the determination of him, he takes the monstrous sword slaughter and swears to take revenge on the responsible, hunting the same man whom he once admired and considered a friend. On the way, he meets some unlikely allies, like a small elf called Puck and Isidro, a young thief who seeks to learn the handling of the sword of the former mercenary. As the heterogeneous group meets slowly after having decided to join Guts in their search, they will face an incredible danger as they had never experienced before.

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© 三浦 建太郎 (著) / Hakusensha 白泉社

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