VTuber Meiro Asahina was broadcast having sex

VTuber Meiro Asahina was broadcast having sex

A myriad of types of Virtual YouTubers are available on YouTube, and Meiro Asahina is one who is dedicated to doing live broadcasts with ASMR recordings, especially dedicated to an adult audience. However, she recently "exploded" her fan base due to the fact that in a direct assumption "she was unfaithful to them / she netted them".

According to the post on Twitter below, Meiro Asahina made a broadcast where it was broadcast (only by audio) having sex with her partner so that her entire audience would hear her and feel betrayed, just like in any net manga of her choice. “A minute of silence for all the simps that had to listen to her favorite Virtual YouTuber NTRing them during a broadcast. This seems really funny to me. "

The complete transmission of Meiro Asahina on YouTube is available at this link, however, as it is classified as "For Seniors", it is not possible to insert it in this note, as shown below:

It turns out that according to some other posts, the story about "netting" is a lie and could have been created by a fan who just wanted to increase the popularity of the Virtual YouTuber. If so, the tactic worked, as the girl (or boy, you never know) has been increasing her following considerably.

It is worth mentioning that this type of Virtual YouTubers are classified as “AVTubers”, since they are focused on transmitting adult content. These girls usually broadcast (although only in audio) while using a vibrator or playing adult games (this obviously on less obvious platforms), doing ASMR of their sounds. Now you know more about the world of Virtual YouTubers, not everything is centered on Hololive!

Source: Twitter

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