Waratte's runway manga is to be finalized

Waratte's runway manga is to be finalized

A filtration in the Weibo social network assured that the Sleeve written and illustrated by Kotoba Inoya, Runway from Waratte (Smile Down the Runway), is about to end. The filtration noted that the twenty-second compilation volume will be the last of the series, and it should be noted that the twenty-first will be released on May 17 in Japan.

Waratte's runway manga is to be finalized

Inoya began the publication of the manga in the magazine Weekly Shonen Magazine of the Editorial Kodansha in May 2017. The publisher published the twentieth volume compilation on March 17, and will publish the twenty-first on May 17. The work inspired an adaptation to the anime of twelve episodes produced by Ezola studies, under the direction of Nobuyoshi Nagayama and scripts written by Touko Machida, released in January 2020. To date there are no indications about a second season.

Synopsis of Runway from Waratte

The story begins with Fujito Chiyuki, an aspiring model and daughter of the owner of the model agency, Mille Neige. Since a child, Chiyuki's dream has been to be the star model of her father agency and presenting in the Paris fashion week. With a beautiful appearance and enviable measures, she seems that she goes down the right path towards her's dream fulfillment, but soon she will realize that she is before a seemingly insurmountable wall, and is that her height stopped at 158 ​​centimeters; She too small to be a professional model. Although she chiyuki continued to believe in itself for years even though everyone told him it was impossible, she begins to fall apart when she enters her last year of high school. There she will meet Tsumura Ikuto, a unfortunate classmate with an impressive talent in the design of clothes, who has also surrendered with her dream due to other circumstances. Together, the trip will begin to make your dreams come true.

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