SPY x FAMILY surprises with an unexpected romance

SPY x FAMILY surprises with an unexpected romance

This article contains spoilers for the "SPY x FAMILY" manga. Discretion is advised to the reader.

We have talked many times about "SPY x FAMILY", and although the story of the manga advances at a snail's pace and many fans feel desperate due to the little development that has taken place, the work continues to maintain its relevance thanks to its adaptation to anime by a duo of renowned studios, WIT STUDIO and CloverWorks.

Interestingly, however, what became a trend recently was not the anime adaptation (which premiered an original anime movie a few months ago in Japan), but the most recent chapter of the manga. The story remains pretty much the same as always, with Anya trying to get enough decorations at school to move up the ranks so that Loid Forger, her adoptive father and spy, can have access to the Desmond family, her main target.

While this has been going on for five years, the plot has reached a school dance, where Anya struggles to get Damian Desmond to choose her as his partner (so that Loid can fulfill his mission, of course). For this, Damian's friends decide to take a series of tests and one of them involves a quiz show.

SPY x FAMILY surprises with an unexpected romance

One of these questions was very specific, so Anya reads the minds of Damian and his friends to find the answer. This helps him eventually win the contest, but piques Damian's curiosity. When they're finally dancing, they're both amazed at how well they do. While Damian reveals that his family hired a private instructor for him, Anya comments that it was her own father who taught her. Damian, who longs to have more communication with his parents, sighs, "Your family seems nice."

SPY x FAMILY surprises with an unexpected romance

Although he later evades the subject like the tsundere that he is, he is quick to remember that Anya knew how to answer a very specific question about his past. It is here that he directly asks Anya how she knew the answer, and also jokingly asks her if she can read minds. "Yes, I can read people's minds," Anya reveals. However, Damian doesn't believe him.

SPY x FAMILY surprises with an unexpected romance

This is the first time Anya has told anyone else her biggest secret, that she can read other people's minds. It's quite a particular detail that Damian was the person Anya decided to tell her secret, and not her adoptive parents. There has generally been a very strong shippeo between these characters within the fan community, and this moment between the two definitely became a trend on social media:

  • "Even Kazuya's shit lost to these two kids."
  • "They didn't have to work so hard on the panel between the two of them. We know Damian is smart, so it won't take long for him to realize that Anya was telling him the truth and we'll see how it turns out."
  • "Holy god, the tenderness of the moment led Anya to reveal her secret. The flag towards the climax of the work has been raised. This revelation will lead to Damian using it in some form in the future."
  • "I expected people in the comments arguing about kids being in a relationship and yes... This is the internet after all. Better to grab some popcorn and watch these clowns complain."
  • "He told Damian and not Loid, so there's a chance Anya likes Damian too."
  • "All the shitty chapters were worth it just for this moment."
  • "Anya said it and Damian didn't believe her... So it won't be Anya's fault if things go wrong. Well I can't blame Damian, sometimes there are truths that are hard to believe than lies that are far from the truth."
  • "Missed opportunity. The answer should have been that he loves his two friends more. The boy wants his father to love him but he doesn't relate much, so it's hard to believe that he loves his father more."
  • "There will come a time when he will remember what he just said."
  • "Now we get Damian to disbelieve her, but every time she randomly 'guesses' something she shouldn't know, he'll remember what she said and wonder if it was true."
  • "Author, please don't leave Anya's confession undeveloped in the next few chapters."
  • "He can read minds. What went on in Anya's head? He's usually afraid to talk about it."
  • "How did he tell her his biggest secret? Yor and Loid don't have as much confidence then."

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