A Blow Comes to 'AI Artists' in Japan

A Blow Comes to 'AI Artists' in Japan

PerfTile ART, the popular platform for sharing illustrations and content created with artificial intelligence (AI), has shaken up the community of "AI artists" with a statement setting new policies on content monetization. In the recently issued statement, the platform announced that it will ban the monetization of "derivative content," specifically artwork based on copyrighted franchises.

A Blow Comes to 'AI Artists' in Japan

This decision directly impacts so-called "AI artists," users who use artificial intelligence tools to generate content en masse, especially those that focus on popular anime franchises. So far, these users have tried to monetize their work by attracting subscribers willing to pay for exclusive access to these illustrations.

According to the statement, the measure has been implemented in response to a request from the relevant authorities. This suggests that PerfTile ART is cooperating with copyright regulations and intellectual property protection.

A Blow Comes to 'AI Artists' in Japan

The impact of this decision is not limited to PerfTile ART alone. There's a chance that other popular platforms, even those not focused exclusively on artificial intelligence like PIXIV FANBOX or Patreon, will follow suit and set similar policies.

For "AI artists," this ban represents a major blow to their attempts to monetize content based on anime franchises using artificial intelligence (AI). Many of them have wanted to rely on this strategy to generate income through the platform.

The future of the "AI artist" community is now in a state of uncertainty, with the possibility that other platforms will follow PerfTile ART's lead. The platform's decision could have a lasting impact on the way AI-generated content is created and shared online.

  • "It will finally begin to prevent those leeches from making money through the work of others."
  • "Illustrations made with AI become piracy when they want to get paid for them, you couldn't stop them from starting to regulate them."
  • "So they won't be able to monetize for those erotic illustrations of anime girls anymore?"
  • "It had already been said that DLsite would stop allowing entirely AI doujinshi to be uploaded, but I thought it would take time for the move to spread."
  • "It's an industry where it's getting harder and harder to stand out with something original, so a lot of people take the easy way out and use third-party property to stand out effortlessly."
  • "I thought it was silly from the beginning, how is it possible that someone can create thousands of images of someone else's character with an AI and then sell them? It was obvious that they would ban it."
  • "I imagine it's because they took official illustrations and trained the AI to do similar illustrations."
  • "So the bans are finally being won out, I figured it would happen soon."
  • "Now they'll have to create their own original characters, poses, and scenarios, are they skilled enough?"
  • "When FANZA and DLsite implement a similar strategy, it will be the ultimate defeat of AIs."

Source: Yaraon!