Blue Archive Could Dominate in Sales This Season

Blue Archive Could Dominate in Sales This Season

Anime enthusiasts in Japan are eagerly anticipating that the anime adaptation of "Blue Archive" will become the undisputed champion of Blu-ray/DVD sales during the current Spring-2024 season. The reason? An ingenious strategy on the part of the production that promises to attract the large player base of the popular video game.

The key to success seems to be the inclusion of unique and exclusive codes for the smartphone video game "Blue Archive" in the physical Blu-ray/DVD packages. This tactic, which has proven to be extremely effective in the past, gets many players to buy the physical discs just to gain access to these coveted codes.

The launch is scheduled for August 28 in Japan, with a total of four physical packages planned. The first of these will be available for 9900 yen (approximately $64).

While streaming platforms have changed the landscape of anime consumption, Blu-ray/DVD sales are still a direct source of revenue for production houses. In this case, the production company Yostar Pictures benefits directly from this strategy.

The video game "Blue Archive" enjoys huge popularity, which has generated an enthusiastic player base who are eager to explore more of the universe in the anime format. The synopsis of the story promises intrigue and mystery in an environment of divided academies and problems that arise with the disappearance of the president of the General Student Council.

The plot follows Schale, the Federal Research Club, on their mission to solve the problems plaguing the city of Kivotos. With the assistance of a Sensei, the club embarks on an exciting adventure full of military action, love and friendship.

With a combination of clever strategy and a captivating story, "Blue Archive" is poised to make waves in both the anime and video game worlds during the Spring-2024 season.

Blue Archive Could Dominate in Sales This Season

Source: Yaraon!