Malaysia wants to build a monument to Kento Nanami

Malaysia wants to build a monument to Kento Nanami

The ambitious project to erect a monument honoring the character Kento Nanami from "Jujutsu Kaisen" has not yet begun in Malaysia. Leong Yu Man of the Pahang Ministry of Unity, Tourism and Culture said the construction of the monument, which has been delayed by more than four months, is being delayed due to copyright and other issues.

According to Yu Man, a meeting between representatives of the state government and the anime's publisher was held in December last year. "This matter has taken time due to copyright issues and various other things," he explained. "We have to go through intermediaries to get in touch with anime creators. But we're also trying to talk to the company that owns the copyright to the character. Discussions are still ongoing and we hope they will be resolved soon," he added during a press conference at the Pahang Tourism Board.

Malaysia wants to build a monument to Kento Nanami

The idea for the monument came about after in November last year, in Episode 42 of "Jujutsu Kaisen," sorcerer Kento Nanami expressed a desire to build a house and spend time reading books in Kuantan before his imminent death. This revelation prompted the government of Pahang (whose capital is Kuantan) to plan the construction of a memorial for Nanami, which unexpectedly brought worldwide attention to the beaches of Kuantan. Some even marked the area as the 'Kento Nanami Monument' on Google Maps.

"The marked spot was near Kempadang Beach, however, it was removed," Yu Man noted. In another development, the official assured that tourists can still visit Pahang safely. Despite recent incidents such as a fight in a casino, Yu Man stressed that Malaysia remains a safe country for visitors. "Overall, Malaysia remains a peaceful country. There may be some incidents at times, but the safety of tourists and everyone is always the priority of the authorities," he concluded.

Of the many character deaths in the second season of "Jujutsu Kaisen," Nanami's was especially painful for fans. The sorcerer's end was not only devastating, but also brutally prolonged. Viewers watched as Nanami drifted in and out of consciousness in a ruthless battle against Mahito. Faced with his imminent death, he began to hallucinate about a different version of his life in which he had followed his dream of moving to Kuantan Beach in Malaysia.

Source: Sinar Harian