The story of Vinland Saga is almost over

The story of Vinland Saga is almost over

Renowned author Makoto Yukimura has unleashed excitement among fans of "Vinland Saga" by revealing through his Twitter account that the long-awaited end of the manga is near. This news comes at a significant time, as it coincides with the nineteenth anniversary of the serialization of the work.

In her anniversary post, Yukimura shared an emotional message recalling the start of "Vinland Saga" nearly two decades ago in Weekly Shonen Magazine. In the message, the author reflected on his initial plan to complete the series in about ten years, humorously acknowledging that his estimate was quite optimistic.

  • "Today is the anniversary of Vinland Saga. 19 years ago, on April 13, I published the first chapter of Vinland Saga in Weekly Shonen Magazine. At the time I thought it would take me about ten years to finish it, but 19 years later, I still don't finish it! That speaks to poor planning on my part. But the final chapter is not far away. It will end, even for a slow writer like me. Even if it's late, someday you have to finish your work," he wrote.
The story of Vinland Saga is almost over

The "Vinland Saga" franchise has left an indelible mark on the world of manga and anime since its debut. Set in the Viking Age, the story follows the adventures of Thorfinn, a young warrior in search of redemption and purpose beyond violence and bloodshed. With an epic narrative, complex characters, and an in-depth exploration of themes such as honor, loyalty, and human nature, "Vinland Saga" has captivated a wide audience around the world.

The announcement of the impending end has sparked speculation among fans about how the epic story will conclude and the fate of the characters that have accompanied readers over the years. Despite the long wait, fans of the work have expressed their excitement to witness the denouement of this memorable saga.

With the legacy of "Vinland Saga" secured in the manga's history, the announcement of the upcoming ending marks a significant milestone in the trajectory of this acclaimed work. Although the road has been long, fans are eagerly awaiting the outcome of this unforgettable Viking adventure that has left a deep impression on the world of Japanese entertainment.

Source: Twitter