Kimetsu no Yaiba inspires parody of Caramelldansen

Kimetsu no Yaiba inspires parody of Caramelldansen

Through his official YouTube channel, き ゃ き ゃ ス タ ジ オ / KYAKYA STUDIO, who in his description describes himself as a Japanese illustrator, published an animation of more than three minutes starring in a parody of the popular music video for “Caramelldansen” and the franchise based on the manga by Kimetsu no Yaiba.

"Caramelldansen" is the first track of the second single by the Swedish group Caramell, released on November 2, 2001. The song became an Internet meme after the publication of a fifteen-frame Flash animation starring Mai and Mii, characters from the visual novel Popotan, who did a dance inspired by the song holding their hands above their head and imitating the ears of a rabbit. This dance was known as "Uma Uma Dance (ウ マ ウ マ ダ ン ス)" in Japan.

As the video for “Caramelldansen” (now animated) gained popularity, countless artists and fans began to copy the animation and include other characters. This social phenomenon became known as “Uma Uma Boom” in Japan and was experienced in late 2007, with hundreds of videos flooding the Nico Nico Douga platform, considered the “Japanese YouTube”. Later, the meme would reach YouTube and obtain world fame, remaining even until now, adapting to new productions.

Koyoharu Gotouge began publishing the manga in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in February 2016 and ended it in May 2020. The publisher published the twenty-second compilation volume on October 2, and the twenty-second third and final on December 4. The work recently reached 120 million copies in circulation.

Synopsis of Kimetsu no Yaiba

In the Taisho era in Japan, Tanjirou Kamado is a kind and intelligent boy who lives with his family in the mountains. Tanjirou has become the head of his family after the death of his father, making constant trips to the village at the foot of the mountain to sell firewood and charcoal. However, his life changes when one day, when he returns home later After spending a night out, he discovers that his family has been killed by a demon. Tanjirou and his sister Nezuko are the only survivors now, but she has been turned into a demon, although she surprisingly still displays emotions and seems to have a sense of reason. After an encounter with Giyuu Tomioka, a demon hunter; Tanjirou decides to become a demon hunter to hunt down the murderer of his family and find a way to return Nezuko to normal.

Source: YouTube

© 吾 峠 呼 世 晴 (著) / SHUEISHA 集 英 社

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